The Lake House

Welcome to our family’s Lake House in the Lake Almanor Country Club (LACC)! If you have any questions during your stay, feel free to contact us via text or call:

  • Brad: 530-409-3015
  • Megan: 530-409-2352


At the gate entrance to LACC at 600 Clifford Drive, provide the staff with your name and the address of our house: 1102 Peninsula Drive.

They’ll provide you with a slip to display on your dash.

If you’re arriving after 10pm, there is a phone number posted at the gate office for you to call so staff can open the gate for you after hours.

Please note, there is a second gate on Peninsula Drive that isn’t supervised. You can exit through this gate at any time, but you won’t be able to re-enter through this gate.

At the House

Park at the rear of the house off Peninsula Drive. To protect our septic system, please don’t park past the area marked with cones.

To unlock the door:

Wave your hand in front of the keypad to illuminate the buttons. Once activated, 2-3 random numbers will appear. Press them in any order, then enter the your personalized door code to open the deadbolt.

Please don’t lock the lock on the doorknob, there is not key available to unlock it from the outside.

House Information

We’ve put our heart and soul into this place–all the wood you see in the house is sourced from trees from our family’s property and milled by hand by our family. Most of the art and décor is also handmade. Our own blood, sweat, and tears went into this place to make sure it’s one-of-a-kind! We hope you enjoy your stay 😊

The house should be well stocked for you with the essentials along with the convenience of modern appliances:

  • Bath towels, beach towels, soap
  • Fresh sheets, bedding and pillows
  • Dishes, cookware, silverware, basic cooking spices and oils (salt, pepper, cooking spray or vegetable oil, etc),
  • Kuerig coffe maker, dishwasher, dishwasher detergent, toaster oven, oven, microwave, fridge
  • Wi-Fi, Smart TVs
  • AC and heat
  • Washer, dryer and detergent and dryer sheets
  • Hair dryer


The Wi-Fi and cell phone service can be spotty, particularly on busy weekends where demand on the network is high.

  • Wi-Fi Name: 1102guest
  • Password: Lakelife1102

We have Google speakers hooked up. If you want some tunes you can say “Hey, Google” and ask it to play music, report
the weather, etc.


The TVs should all be connected automatically to the Wi-Fi, but if not, you can connect them to the guest Wi-Fi. If you are planning to rent any movies, please be sure you’re logged in with your own accounts (for apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, etc.)

Climate Control

The house is equipped with heating and cooling units in all bedrooms and one over the great room. They are controlled by remotes which should be on the nightstands or dressers in each room. The one for the great room is usually on the mantle under the TV or on the windowsill over the kitchen sink.

In order for the units to work, they all need to be in the same mode (you can’t heat one room and cool the other at the same time). Use the remotes to set the desired temperature and fan speed.


Be sure to keep the trash can lids secures with the provided tie down/bungee straps

If your staying on a Sunday evening/Monday morning, please bring the trash cans to the side of the road for trash service before 7am on Monday and bring back to the house Monday afternoon.


A washer and dryer are available along with laundry detergent pods and dryer sheets.

Departure/ Check-Out

Start a Load

Prior to leaving, please start a load of laundry in the washer as long as you’ve got remaining detergent. Starting a load of towels or bedding helps the cleaner out tremendously.


Leave the remotes for the TVs and AC/Heater units their respective rooms.


If you have any remaining dirty dishes, please rinse, put them in the dishwasher and start a cycle. Mostly everything is dishwasher safe. We do have some plastic wine tumbler/glasses that need to be hand washed.

Perishable Food

Remove all perishable food from the refrigerator and cupboards and place in the trash.


When leaving, please be sure to empty all trash as the cleaning service can be delayed by a day or two depending on availability.

Lock Up

Lock the sliding glass door by pressing the handle towards the glass.

Please also make sure all the windows are closed and locked before leaving.

Lock the deadbolt on the front door from outside by pressing the lock symbol. Do not lock the doorknob

Ensure all AC/Heating units, TVs, oven, toaster, lights, etc. are all turned off.

In the Country Club

For up-to-date information about the amenities inside the country club, including scheduled bands and other events, check out this website: Lake Almanor Country Club

You’ll have access to all the amenities inside the country club including:

  • Access to the recreation areas
  • Right across the street you have access to “Rec 1” which has bocce ball, tennis, pickle ball, horseshoes and basketball courts, playground, bandshell, swimming area and dock.
  • There is a 2nd rec area with another swimming spot and park available at 1100 Hidden Beach Rd
  • There’s a sports center at Rec 1 where you can rent tennis court time and sports equipment.
  • Access to the Club House for drinks and food provided by Unity Grill: 951 Clifford Drive, Lake Almanor, CA 96137
  • Access to the 9-hole golf course (also at 951 Clifford Drive)
  • Access to live concerts during the Summer at the bandshell in Rec 1. These typically start in late June and are typically held on Saturdays at 7pm. You can listen to the music right from the deck, or walk over and enjoy the music close up!

Security and Rules

The country club is patrolled by its own security personnel. They monitor speed and parking and enforce the rules of the
country club. They do issue citations.
There are generally lots of pedestrians, bicyclists, and golf carts on the roads, so please be aware and drive carefully.

The country club operates under specific rules. Here’s a summary of those pertaining to renters and guests:

  • No pets, off highway vehicles, golf carts or other recreational vehicles (you can purchase a boat/jet ski permit at the Clifford gate office)
  • Quiet time is between 10 pm and 8am
  • Observe all speed limits and traffic signs
  • No extra overnight guests or vehicles
  • No camping or RVs

Wild Life

Bears, raccoons, and various other wildlife are known to frequent the country club. Be careful not to leave any food or trash outside. When you put your trash in the trash cans, be sure to secure the lids with the provided tie down straps

You may also spot a bald eagle or two, osprey, and a variety of fish out in the lake (trout, bass, etc).

Also, lake life includes a variety of bugs! The pesky bugs (mosquitoes, etc), typically aren’t bad, but you’ll likely encounter a variety of small flies/gnats that hang out near the lights at night, and some larger bugs and beetles during the day.

Surrounding Areas:

Weather and Climate

Winter in Lake Almanor typically brings lots of snow. In the peak of Summer, the temperature can stay in the 90’s during the day but typically cools off during the night. Lake Almanor’s water temperature typically warms up quickly in the late Spring and Summer because it is a fairly shallow lake.

The water levels in the lake depend on rain and snow levels the season prior, and the amount of water that is needed for energy production.

The Lake Almanor area has been known to experience earthquakes as there are fault lines near the lake. If an earthquake occurs during your stay, take necessary precautions to take cover and move away from anything that could fall on you. Afterwards, open cupboards carefully as dishes may have shifted.

Lake Almanor/Westwood

If you continue out of the country club on Peninsula Drive, there are a few great restaurants and gift shops. There’s also a small market (Wally’s Peninsula Market) which is a great spot to stop for any small essentials or groceries. (5 minute drive)


The town of Chester has a grocery store (Holiday Market), gas, a few restaurants, coffee shops and gift shops. You can also check out the Olsen Barn Meadow on your way there which is always beautiful (15 Minute Drive)


Access to the lake, docks, restaurants, and boat/jet ski rentals (20 Minute Drive)

Further Away

Mount Lassen Volcanic National Park (45 Minute Drive)


Restaurants are all around the lake. During the summer, reservations are often required. Most have menus available online. These are our favorites:

We hope to have you back again soon!

We hope you enjoy your stay, I know we sure love this place! Feel free to let us know if you have any feedback for how to make this an even better place for your next stay 🙂