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Hi, I’m Megan and I’m the one-woman-show behind MeganHStudio! I’m a mom, a wife, and an artist and I’m here to make your special occasions even more special! See all the fingerprint and signature posters available along with some fun free downloads!


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6 thoughts on “Hey there!

  1. I received my fingerprint tree that I ordered, it is beautiful!! It is better than I expected! Thank you so much, I can’t wait for the baby shower on 10/1 and to see it with everyone’s fingerprints. My son and daughter-in-law are going to love this keepsake so much! Thank you so much!!

      1. I really was hoping you could draw up some cute stickers because it’s my daughter’s birthday soon and she really really wants stickers but I can’t find any stickers and she really wants to write a story but my daughter doesn’t have a notebook to write on so I wants line guides. Hope that is not bossing you about. Thanks a million times.

  2. Just got my dandelions today. Thank you they look great and for the ink. I’m going to have each of my family members make me one for my birthday.

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