Rainbow Party Printables

If your New Year’s Resolution involves sticking to a budget and more DIY projects, then you’re going to love these free birthday party printables in a rainbow theme! There’s decor, cupcake wrappers, favor bags, and lots of other fun things that you can print right away and start assembling!

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Yes, they’re free!

Just like everything else in the VAULT, every little sprinkle and stripe on these party printables is hand drawn! That’s the standard here at MeganHStudio; just because they’re free doesn’t mean they’re not valuable 😉

Check out all the free rainbow-themed printables here, fire up that old printer and get ready to create a totally awesome (and inexpensive) party! Or read on to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Printable Rainbow Party Favors and Decor

Rainbow Party Printables

Favor bags with mini coloring pages

These party favor bags are a so versatile! They even have coordinating mini coloring pages. Add my favorite rainbow pencil and you have yourself some legit party favors. If you’re sending your kid to class with party favors for classmates or friends, these are great since they’re a non-food option–that way you don’t have to worry about any food allergies! Or go crazy and stuff them with candy bars 😉

Gift Tags

These gift tags have versatile text, so they work for all kinds of party favors and gift giving occasions! You can even combine them 😉

Cupcake Wrappers

The multi-color patterns are ready for your cupcakes in standard or mini sizes.


It’s not a party without a banner! These come in 3 different sizes, including a mini size that works great as a cake topper.

Do you want to talk about printers?

Chances are if you’re here looking for free printables, you probably already have a printer that works well for you. But if not, or if you’re in the market for a new one, I can’t say enough good things about Canon printers. I have two in my studio, actually. For printable projects like this, take a look at the Canon SuperTank all-in-one printer. It feeds cardstock like a champ, prints great, and it’s cartridge-free! That means you can buy bottles of ink (very reasonably, I might add) and fill up whenever you’re low wihtout breaking the bank on expensive cartridges!

Are you wondering why they’re free??

So is my husband, lol! I draw SO MUCH STUFF for special projects or my own kids’ parties that doesn’t get used much, so why not share these things with the world, right? I add free Printables to the VAULT frequently, so be sure to check it out and comment below if there’s something you like to see added!

There’s tons more fun in the VAULT, including more party printables:

Did you know I sell stuff too?

I specialize in fingerprint posters, signature posters, art prints and invitations. These are available for sale on Etsy and Amazon Handmade.

What’s a fingerprint poster?? I’m glad you asked! They’re a perfect way to commemorate guests at an event and also make great thank you gifts for teachers and coaches 😉 People add their fingerprint and sign their name on the artwork as a clever way to complete an element. Fingerprint trees are the most common–fingerprints are the added as leaves on the branches. And of course I have lots of great options for birthdays and other events. Don’t want to mess with fingerprints? I have signatures posters too 😉

Fingerprint Posters for all your party plans

Get it in the format you need:

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