Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Moms are special, aren’t they? When it comes to Mother’s Day, they deserve a gift that’s just as special as they are, and that’s exactly what I’ve got for you below. And don’t worry if you waited until the last minute, because these are gifts you can download and print right away!

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Let’s Start with Fingerprint Posters

If you’re new to MeganHStudio, you may not know that these fingerprint posters are my specialty, and of course I have some just for Mother’s Day.

Have the kids add their fingerprint and sign their name to one of these art prints. Then add it to a frame and give it as a gift for Mom. I have designs specifically for Grandma too 😉 And if you don’t have time to track down stamp pads for fingerprints, I even have a signature poster that just requires kids to write their name! You can track down a pen, right??

Now for the free stuff!

Did you know I have free printables available for you in the VAULT? And did you also know that those free printables feature my hand drawn artwork, just like the artwork I have for sale on Etsy and Amazon Handmade? Yup! I’ve got high standards around here 🙂 Check out all the Mother’s Day fun you can print below.

Mother’s Day Letter Templates

These are great for elementary and middle school age kids. Heck, make your highschooler do one too! The prompts on these letters make it easy to articulate just how special your mom is. There are templates for Mom and Grandma, and there are 2 different designs for each! One has hand drawn sunflowers, and the other is a simple black and white letter that the kids can color and decorate.

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Free Printable Mother’s Day Letter Templates

Did you get your sense of humor from your Mom? Remind her of that with funny cards and gift tags!

Just do me a favor and write a nice and thoughtful note on the inside of that card 😉 Btw, those printable cards even come with a template to make your own envelope!

See? Even if you have a tight timeline, as long as you have a printer and some cardstock you can still pull off a nice, thoughtful gift for Mom 🙂

Check out all the free Mother’s Day Printables here, fire up that old printer and get ready to celebrate Mom!

There’s tons more free printable fun in the VAULT!

And look for more fingerprint and signature posters for all your special events

I have fingerprint posters, signature posters and more available for sale on Etsy and Amazon Handmade.

What’s a fingerprint poster?? I’m glad you asked! They’re a perfect way to commemorate guests at an event and also make great thank you gifts for teachers and coaches 😉 People add their fingerprint and sign their name on the artwork as a clever way to complete an element. Fingerprint trees are the most common–fingerprints are the added as leaves on the branches. Don’t want to mess with fingerprints? I have signatures posters too 😉

Fingerprint Posters for all your party plans

Get it in the format you need:

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