It’s Time Lapse Time: Watercolor Elephant

Today’s time lapse is the newest elephant to the MeganHStudio collection. After lots of customer requests to add a baby elephant in this style, I was finally able to check it off my to-do list thanks to a customer having an elephant-themed gender reveal party with timing that lined up with my custom order scheudle! Look for this little peanut in fingerprint trees, art prints, and invitations!

I used Adobe Fresco’s live water color brushes for most of this drawing, and of course, on the iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. And guess what? I’m working on more jungle safari animals in the same style! Art print set, here we come!

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It’s Time Lapse Time: Little Cutie!

Today’s time lapse is a little cutie, for sure! I worked on this as part of a cutie-themed baby shower fingerprint tree a customer requested last month. I used Adobe Fresco’s live watercolor brushes to “paint” the mandarin. Do you have a Little Cutie who needs this in their room??

Get this art print and the coordinating fingerprint tree to add to the nursery or play room!

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