Fun Baby-Q Ideas

It can be tough to be pregnant in the heat of the summer, but what a great time to have a baby shower! The “Baby-Q” theme practically completes itself: buffalo check table cloths, mason jar centerpieces, and of course, BBQ for food. Continue reading for some fund ideas for invites, decor, guestbooks, and food at your Baby-Q!


If you’re slightly tech savvy, you can get some great designs digitally and customize them yourself. Plus, there’s always the tried and true invites that you can hand write the details in.


I say you can’t go wrong with buffalo check EVERYTHING! Some fun lanterns, a nice banner, and a few extras to tie everything together.

A Fun Way for Guests to Leave an Impression 😉

If you know me, I’m sure you know I’m unashamedly biased on this one, but you need a fingerprint poster at your Baby-Q. How many times are you going to experience this in your life?? ONCE! Soak in every second, and create a keepsake with your loved ones. Have guests add their fingerprint and sign their name on one of these designs, frame it and hang it in the nursery. Every time you walk in to see your little one’s smiling (…or screaming) face, you’ll also be greeted with the memories you made that day and the people you shared it with. Here’s a few of my designs that go well with a Baby-Q theme:

Mason Jar

No Baby-Q is complete without some fire flies in a mason jar, right?

Fingerprints are fireflies!

Get it in the format you need:


Watermelon might as well be the mascot of summer.

Fingerprints are watermelon seeds!

Get it in the format you need:

Whatever design you decide on, make sure it turns out great! Check out the free downloads available to help you avoid a fingerprint tree fail.

More Designs Available!
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You know what they say: when at a Baby-Q…eat BBQ! And that can mean a lot of different things: burgers and hot dogs, or chicken and tri tip! Here’s some other fun additions to round out your theme:

A lot of parents-to-be are opting for co-ed baby showers, and the Baby Q theme is perfect! Family friendly, casual, and fun!

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