It’s Time Lapse Time: One Cool Cat

I have a lot of favorite customers, but my kids are definitely my top 3 favs — every year we have fun deciding on a theme for their upcoming birthdays and putting together fun invites and fingerprint posters. My son recently turned 7 and he spent months before his party debating what theme to go with. Sonic, Mario…Sonic AND Mario, Metal Sonic…at the last minute he threw us all for a curve and decided to go with a Bobcat theme since that’s his favorite animal.

So we went with a “one cool cat” theme and had fun with bobcats in sunglasses! Here’s the time lapse of the bobcat drawing.

Every once in awhile, my kids pick a theme that results in something with mass appeal that I can also offer to other customers, but mostly…not! One year my oldest daughter decided on a jaguar/pelican/parrot theme…you can bet THAT design isn’t in big demand!

For items with a bit more mass appeal, check out hear fingerprint guestbook alternatives that have been popular this week:

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