Free Printable First Day of School Fish Themed Gift Tags

These gift tags are O-FISH-ALLY fun, and versatile! With 3 formats, they’re sure to work with whatever first day of school plans you have! PS, they work well for the last day of school too 😉

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There’s 3 different designs to choose from!

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That’s right, they’re free

AND they’re awesome. And did you know every single bubble and fish on these tags is hand drawn? Total bonus! These are free for you to download and print for your personal use. If you have questions about permissible use, read on here.

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You totally rule!

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Versions available for all grades

Easy Peasy Assembly

Download, print, and cut! Depending on the tag format you choose, you can use different types of gifts.

  • Pencil Tags: These work great for pencils, pens, or markers. If you go with markers, the slim variety generally works best
  • Bag Toppers: Fill up a snack bag with fish crackers! If allergies are a concern, you can go with fish-themed erasers or small toys
  • Hang Tags: These are versatile, you can add them to fish crackers, toys, pencils, or just about anything else you have planned!

Here are some fun inexpensive options I’ve used in the past:

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Get the Look:

If you’re looking for recommendations on paper and supplies, I’ve included a list below of the supplies I used to create these sample photos.

Printing Tips:

To get the size just right on these, be sure to select “Actual Size” in your print settings, otherwise they may print out slightly smaller.

printing tip: select "actual size" from your printing settings

Your Free Printable O-FISH-ALLY Fun Tags

Download the designs you need below. There are 3 different types of tags for each grade (highschoolers still appreciation a good play on words, right?), so choose the ones that work best for you!

O-FISH-ALLY a Pre-K’er

O-FISH-ALLY a Preschooler

O-FISH-ALLY a Kindergartener

O-FISH-ALLY a 1st Grader

O-FISH-ALLY a 2nd Grader

O-FISH-ALLY a 3rd Grader

O-FISH-ALLY a 4th Grader

O-FISH-ALLY a 5th Grader

O-FISH-ALLY a 6th Grader

O-FISH-ALLY a 7th Grader

O-FISH-ALLY an 8th Grader

O-FISH-ALLY a 9th Grader

O-FISH-ALLY a 10th Grader

O-FISH-ALLY a 11th Grader

O-FISH-ALLY a 12th Grader

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