It’s Time Lapse Time: This Pup’s Whole World is about to Change!

I’ve been drawing lots of pups lately! This week’s time lapse is a sweet Pit Bull mix who loves to chew on deer antlers and she is ready for the gender reveal party to figure out if she’s getting a little brother or sister.

She’s part of a fingerprint guestbook where guests will add either a pink or blue fingerprint to guess the gender of the baby. Then it can be framed and added to the nursery decor as a keepsake!

This customer actually came to me a few years ago for a custom fingerprint poster for her friend, and now it’s her turn! I love that I get to walk along side my customers and see how their families grow!

I’m sure you can tell, I’m definitely not a professional pet portrait artist, but I’ve got a simple style all my own 😉

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