Fun and Free Soccer Snack Tags and More

Soccer season is wrapping up for most recreational leagues and I’ve got some free printables that are just what you need! Read on to see the fun variety of coordinating snack tags, hair tie cards and cupcake wrappers.

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If you’re new here, let me tell you this is not the only FREE printable exclusively from MeganHStudio…that’s right, the VAULT is full of them! Also, the VAULT isn’t locked, so come right in any time and check it out.

Ready to take snack duty to the next level?

I don’t know about your kids, but for mine, post-game snacks are a VERY important part of sports. These soccer snack tags were created in support of that notion! Since they’re from MeganHStudio, you know those soccer balls and every blade of grass are all hand drawn. That’s the only way I roll (get it? Soccer ball? Roll?). I have 2 sets of tags that are sure to work for your soccer snack plans, big and small. Plus, they make a great addition to soccer-themed party favors.

Fold Over Snack Tags

These are fun and they’re NEW! They include motivational soccer quotes to keep your player’s head in the game and work with a variety of snack options. They’re available in 2 sizes.

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Fold Over Soccer Snack Tags

The larger size is perfect size for a handful of crackers, pretzels, trail mix, or other healthy snack. And the smaller size is perfect for something sweet, like a few small cookies. I’ve got recommendations for food-safe cellophane bags in sizes that work for these! Check out the free printables here, or click on the images.

Bag Toppers and Gift Tags

These snack tags were actually one of the first things I added to the VAULT, and I love to see them pop up and soccer games.

soccer snack tag printables, soccer themed bag topper template
Soccer Snack Bag Toppers and Tags

These include 3 different tags that are as versatile as your schedule has to be during soccer season.

Type of TagBest Uses
Bag TopperFold over and secure to the top of a regular sandwich bag or snack bag
filled with healthy snacks
Square CardSecure to the outside of pre-packed snacks (chips, granola bars, etc.)
Classic Gift TagTie around just about anything! Sports drinks, a lunch
bag filled with snacks, a banana, squeezy yogurts, or gift bag

Hair Tie Cards

If you’re coaching a team that has hair to hold back, these hair tie cards are a fun team gift or party favor. Available in 2 shapes! Add fold over elastics to these cards and you’re all set! Click on the images below for recommendations on where to find elastics.

Did someone say cupcakes??

Add these cupcake wrappers to your end-of-season party. If you’ve been using all these soccer printables throughout the season, people are going to start to wonder if you have a soccer decor store! seriously though, feel free to send them my way. I’ll take all the happy customers I can get!

soccer party cupcake wrappers, soccer party ideas, soccer party decor, hand drawn soccer balls
Mini and Standard Size Cupcake Wrappers with Soccer Balls

Check out soccer-themed printables!

If you need them all in one place, here’s all the soccer printables available from the VAULT for you:

And it’s sports-galore in the VAULT!

There’s all kinds of fun sports-themed printables waiting for you. Plus, there’s lots of other fun stuff in there too.

Did you know I sell stuff too??

If you’re not familiar with MeganHStudio, you may not know that I actually have things available for sale too. I specialize in personalized fingerprint posters, signature posters, art prints, and invitations. You can find them in my Etsy Shop or on Amazon Handmade. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the things I offer in my shop:

The perfect coach appreciation gift

Have the team add their fingerprint and sign their name as leaves on the tree. Then frame it for a keepsake and give it to your soccer coach as a thank you gift. Available in instant downloads and customizable hard copies.

And here are some of my best sellers in my Etsy Shop over the last few weeks:

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