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Game days are the best days! If you’re coaching or parenting in the softball world, I’ve got you covered with these fun and versatile free printable softball snack tags with motivational quotes to keep your player’s head in the game! PS, they make great party favors, too.

free printable fold over softball snack tags for post game snacks shown assembled in 2 sizes
Available in 2 different sizes!

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If you’re just here to download these free printable softball snack tags and start printing, I get it–you can scroll towards the bottom and they’ll be waiting there for you 😉

In case you were wondering…

It’s from MeganHStudio, so you know every blade of grass on these tags is hand drawn–that’s the only way I do things around here. These are free for you to download and print for your personal use. For more information about permissible uses, click here.

hit hard run fast turn left softball snack tag template for game day snacks, softball snack ideas for team, free printable softball snack tags
Hit Hard, Run Fast, Turn Left

Feed those hungry players!

When you’re feeding a whole team, it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive– get ready to make those snacks look awesome:

  • Download the tags in the size you want to use
  • Print as many as you need (for personal use). I use this 110# white cardstock for this project.
  • Cut them out
  • Fold along the dotted lines (like an accordion) to create a flap
  • Fill some food-safe cellophane bags with healthy snacks, insert the top into the flap and staple to secure!

Then sit back at the end of the game and watch everyone wonder how you just pulled off the best post-game snack they’ve ever seen 😉

shows the printed softball snack tag template on a single page and an example of the snack tags once they're cut out and assembled, free printable softball snack tags
No grass stains, no glory

Get the Look!

If you’re looking for recommendations on paper and other supplies, here are the materials I use to create these free printable fold over tags:

assembled softball party snack tags free printable templates, meganhstudio, free printable softball snack tags

What to fill these printable softball snack tags with

These are a perfect size for small treats. I’m going to be THAT mom that recommends healthy stuff, especially on game day…but candy does totally fit in these 😉 Here’s some things that have worked well in the past for us:

  • Pretzels, crackers or trail mix
  • A few small cookies
  • Teddy grahams, almonds, or cashews
  • Cheese cubes (as long as you have a way to keep them cold!)
  • Apple slices, dried fruit, or sunflower seeds

Your Free Printable Softball Snack Tags

2 Sizes to choose from

The large size works well for a handful of trail mix, crackers, or other snacks. The smaller size is perfect for the sweet stuff–dried fruit, nuts, a couple small cookies, or a few candies.

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