Free Printables for the Last Day of School

I’m not sure where the school year went, but one thing I DO know, is I have a bunch of fun free printables to help you celebrate the last day of school! There are signs, gift tags for teachers and students, and all kinds of other fun ideas! Plus, they’re all free for personal use and super easy to DIY.

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Fish-Themed Tags

O-FISH-ally fun gift tags are a great way to send your students off to the next grade! These are available for all grades in 3 formats: pencil tags, gift tags, and sandwich bag toppers. It’s a great way to add some pizazz to a bag of fishy crackers, or it works with just about any other gift ideas you have.

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Pencil and Bubble Wand Tags

There’s nothing better than a gift you can use, right?! That’s why these gift tags for pencils and mini bubble wands are so popular. Cut out each tag, make 2 quick incisions, and insert a couple of pencils or fun mini bubble wands and you’re all set!

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Last Day of School Signs

I’ve got signs for those last day of school pictures in 2 formats for every grade. Turn one into and end-of-the-school-year activity and have students color and decorate them, or print a completed one and go snap those pics!

last day of school signs free printables for 2022 2023 school year

Kid Coupons

Send students off to summer break with 23 coupons and passes for fun! Plus, there are 4 blank coupons that kids can create on their own. Some of them are funny 😉

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Hello Summer Tags

Nothing says summer like watermelon and rainbows. These gift tags are a great addition to a gift for your kids’ teachers, or for fellow students!

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There’s always more!

Check out the VAULT for lots more fun free printables from MeganHStudio, including LOTS for school day fun!

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