It’s Time Lapse Time: O-FISH-ALLY the cutest

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If you are a family that loves the outdoors, then I have the perfect fingerprint guestbook for the next birthday party or baby shower you’re hosting!

Have guests add their fingerprint and sign their name to fill in the scales of the fish, then frame it for a keepsake and add it to the room decor.

Outdoor theme nursery decor,  fingerprint fish
Fingerprint guestbook alternative for a hunting theme baby shower
Bass themed nursery decor, fingerprint poster, fish illustration

It’s from MeganHStudio, so you know it’s hand drawn 🙂 Here’s a quick look at the process behind drawing this fish:

This originated from a recent request from a repeat customer who was planning a Bass-themed baby shower for her grandson. I’ve had other fish-related requests in the past, so it was definitely time to add this guy to the MeganHStudio collection!

My favorite way to draw

I used to predominantly draw with colored pencils on actual paper, and I was skeptical about digital drawing. A year after starting to draw digitally, I’m so glad I gave it a try! The equipment was a big investment, but I firmly stand by my trusty 12.9 inch iPad Pro and 2nd Generation Apple Pencil. It allows me to accomplish SO MUCH MORE and meet the needs of more customers in less time.

Get Your Fish 🙂

This fingerprint fish is available on Etsy and Amazon Handmade, and it’s waiting for you!

Customizable Hard Copies

Available in customizable hard copy and instant download versions to fit your timeline and your budget!

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