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I’ve been busy adding more fun designs to my collection! You may notice there’s a lack of fingerprints in these latest additions! Read on for the latest and greatest! But first…

What is a Signature Poster??

Well I’m glad you asked! A signature poster is an alternative to a traditional guestbook for events like birthdays, baby showers, and weddings.

Guests add their signature to an element of the picture. Then you can frame it and add it to the room decor as a keepsake of the day! The possibilities are endless—signature can be added to rain drops, leaves, balloons, or sprinkles to match different themes!

There are lots of artists out there offering signature posters in all kinds of fun designs. When you buy from MeganHStudio, you know it’s always an art print of my hand drawn originals 😉

Guests add their signature to a water drop
Then frame it and add it to the room decor as a keepsake!

Here’s the newest additions to MeganHStudio

DONUT Forget the Sprinkles!

Get it in the format you need!

Sign a Sprinkle

Sign a Star

To be fair, this design isn’t brand new, but I finally updated the listing pictures, so it FEELS brand new!

Get it in the format you need!

You can even check out the time lapse drawing of this one!

Sign a Star

We WHALEY Love You

Get it in the format you need!

Sign a Splash!

I have Sharpies for signatures available to add too.

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Make Sure it Turns Out Great!

Check out the free downloads I have available for you to print and display at your events to help ensure your signature poster turns out great!

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