New to the VAULT: Valentine’s Day Pet Tags for Plushies

Looking for a candy-free Valentines that kids will love? Download these free printable Valentines pet tags and add them to a small stuffed animal!

Pet adoption valentine day printable tags to add to a plushie

Plus, they aren’t covered in cooties and don’t make any promises of future dates which is a total bonus if your kids are anything like mine. They don’t want anyone to “be their Valentine” (expect for me of course…)

Download your FREE Printable Valentine’s Day Pet Tags here, fire up that old printer and get ready to create some fun Valentines!

Free printable pet tags for Valentine’s Day stuffed animals

It’s WAY easier than taking are of a real pet!

  • Download the templates you want to use
  • Print and cut out each tag
  • Write in “to” and “from” information on the back
  • Punch a hole and add string or ribbon to tie around a stuffed animal
Valentine’s Day pet shop tag free printables for Valentine’s Day plushies from meganhstudio

Are you wondering why they’re free??

So is my husband, lol! At MeganHStudio, generosity is an important business principle. If you order something from my Etsy or Amazon shop, I’m generous with my time and talents and I make sure you get something you are happy with. If you pick a font style that has a funny looking “G,” I’m going to send you a second version with another font style just in case. And I’ve been adding free printables to the VAULT for you because I have oodles of artwork that hardly ever sees the light of day. Half the time I’m creating little things like this for my kids anyway, so I might as well make them available to the world while I’m at it, right?!

These are a great size for all kinds of stuffed animals. My kids picked out some 3 inch stuffed plushies, but they would work for larger or slightly smaller ones too. The ones I used in the examples were about 2 inches.

There’s tons more fun in the VAULT, including more Valentine’s Day printables:

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What’s a fingerprint poster?? I’m glad you asked! They’re a perfect way to commemorate guests at an event and also make great thank you gifts for teachers and coaches 😉 People add their fingerprint and sign their name on the artwork as a clever way to complete an element. Fingerprint trees are the most common–fingerprints are the added as leaves on the branches. And of course I have lots of great options for birthdays and baby showers. Don’t want to mess with fingerprints? I have signatures posters too 😉

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