10 Unique Fingerprint Guestbook Alternatives for your Baby Shower

Freebie Friday – May 1, 2020

I’d “Moove” Mountains for You!

This week there is another art print and A6 fold over card waiting for you to download for Freebie Friday (pun included!). Send a note to a friend, or print up an 8×10 to frame and add to your décor! Get it here before it’s even available for sale in my Etsy shop!

Fun Facts About Cows

  1. Cows are red/green colorblind…so that red cape in bull fights? I don’t know either!
  2. They can see nearly 360 degrees
  3. A cow drinks enough water every day to fill up an entire bathtub
  4. They have no upper front teeth
  5. Cows can live to be about 20 years old

Get yours here!

As the pandemic continues, there will be a new freebie here for you every Friday for a limited time! Shoot, if it last long enough, every room in your house will be outfitted with some clever puns and cute hand drawn animals. More art prints and fingerprint trees like this are available for purchase in my Etsy shop!

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Freebie Friday – April 3, 2020

This Freebie Friday is the real DILLO! Download it here–I know you know somebody who needs this hanging in their house!

This week, we’re continuing with another desert animal: the armadillo–not only is it a fun word to say, but they’re pretty interesting creatures!

The Real DILLO

Fun Facts About Armadillos:

  1. The name Armadillo means “little armored one”
  2. Nine-banded armadillos always have identical quadruplets; seven-banded armadillos have 8-15 identical pups at one time!
  3. The Giant Armadillo of South America regularly grows to be 5 feet in length
  4. There is a 5-inch long armadillo with a pink shell called the “Pink Fairy Armadillo”

See? They really are the real DILLO!

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5 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

You know the parents-to-be will get 3 sets of the same pack of onesies from Target at their baby shower–the same batch of onesies that every baby born that year will be wearing. Don’t get me wrong, onesies are an important staple in any new baby’s wardrobe. They’ll go through them. So go ahead and get the onesies, but also keep these unique baby shower gift ideas in mind!

1. Something Personalized

ChipolaStudio creates incredible personalized pieces with different themes that LIGHT UP (are you kidding me??)!

With price points for any budget, they offer DIY Paper Art Kits that you assemble yourself or, they also have pre-assembled framed paper light boxes that are absolutely incredible. You definitely won’t find something this special at Target!


2. Something Baby Needs When He’s Older

I love the wooden toys and games from SmilingTreeToys. They’re hand crafted, and many of them can be personalized.

Wooden toys have such a classic look, they can be use for nursery decor until baby is old enough to play with them.

Check out the stacking toys, and name puzzles they have available. I use the stacking toy as a photo prop whenever I can get my youngest to stop playing with it 🙂

3. Something Funny and Cute

BellaLexiBoutique has a lot of funny and cute options for baby clothes.

A funny and sweet baby bodysuit from the “otter” side is just the start. There’s a pun and cute critter for every theme! New to the Herd? This Little Piggy? She’s got you covered!

Something like this defintley won’t be a duplicate gift! These bodysuits will stand out as favorites when it’s time to get dressed (or re-dressed).

4. Something for Big Brother and Sister

And not just those cute T-shirts that say “Big Bro” and “Big Sis,” although those are great too. The role of an older sibling in the family will change dramatically when the new baby comes. Help ease them into it!

Depending on how old big brother and big sister are, TheIdeaBoxKids has some great options! They have boxes filled with wooden coins that have different questions or activities that relate to the new baby and mom’s pregnancy. It gets kids thinking about how they can be involved and what they can do to be a helpful part of the family as big changes start to occur.

Check out their Big Brother Box and Big Sister Box. And btw, they have a box of coins for every occastion!

Recommended for age 3-10.

5. A Fingerprint Guestbook Alternative

I may be biased since this is a big part of what I do as an artist, but I wouldn’t make fingerprint trees if I didn’t beleive in their sentiment!

When you’re pregnant, everything goes SO fast. Some things are terrible (morning sickness), some things are awesome (maternity leggings), but it ALL goes quick when you look back on it. And there’s so much that we forget as time passes.

A fingerprint tree helps to hold the baby shower in a freeze frame so we can remember that time, that day. All my kids have fingerprint trees framed and hung in their rooms. We often talk about the birthday party or baby shower that goes along with each. We remember not only who was there, but how Papa’s fingerprint usually ends up in a funny spot, how we came up with the theme for the tree that year, and the special things that happened that day.

Guests add their fingerprint as leaves on the tree and sign their name. Then, frame it for a keepsake and add it to the nursery decor!

Baby showers are special. If you show up to one with a fingerprint tree and a  set of ink pads, you will be the baby shower hero! And the great news is, I’ve got one for just about any theme, and any timeframe you’re working with!

Hard Copy Fingerprint Trees (usually ship within 1-3 days)

Instant Downloads you Print Yourself (ready to download and print immediately!)

Customizable Printables That I Customize and Send Via Email (files ready within a day or two)

And to be sure your fingerprint guestbook alternative turns out great, check out the resources I have available here:


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5 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas