Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Summer break is almost here! And I’m willing to bet that your kids have some pretty awesome teachers and school staff to show their appreciation for. Whether you’re on a tight budget, a tight timeline, or both, I’ve got some fun options for you!

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Teacher Gift Ideas for any budget and timeline!

Let’s Start with Fingerprint Posters

Aaaahhh, fingerprint posters…my specialty 🙂 This is how MeganHStudio started, friends! And of course, I have a whole bunch specifically for teachers and school staff, and they are all art prints of my hand drawn originals!

Have the kids add their fingerprint and sign their name to one of these art prints. Then add it to a frame and give it as a gift and keepsake of a memorable year! It’s a gift that’s as unique as your fingerprint.

All of these are available as traditional hard copies that I customize, print on premium heavyweight cardstock, and ship. But, if you’re low on time, I have instant download options that you can purchase on Etsy, download and print right away. I’ve got ink pads for fingerprints available too, but I’m sure you won’t have much trouble tracking down some stamp pads in most classrooms 😉 See below for all the options!

Fingerprint Tree

Have students add their fingerprints and sign their name as leaves on the branches.

teacher thank you fingerprint tree

Fingerprint Hot Air Balloon

Have students add their fingerprints and sign their name as balloons.

thank you gift for teachers and school staff, kindergarten teacher gift ideas, meganhstudio

Fingerprint Giraffe

Have students add their fingerprints and sign their name to make the spots on the giraffe.

giraffe theme classroom, giraffe teacher gift, fingerprint tree, meganhstudio

Fingerprint Watermelon

My personal favorite 😉 Have students add their fingerprints and sign their name to make the watermelon seeds.

one in a melon teacher appreciation gift ideas, fingerprint poster, meganhstudio

Fingerprint Dandelions

Have students add their fingerprints and sign their name as dandelion seeds.

fingerprint dandelions teacher appreciation gift ideas, meganhstudio

Fingerprint Sunflower

Have students add their fingerprints and sign their name to fill in the sunflower petals.

sunflower teacher gift, fingerprint sunflower, meganhstudio

Fingerprint Pineapple

Have students add their fingerprints and sign their name to fill in the pineapple.

pineapple theme teacher gift ideas, teacher thank you gift, fingerprint poster, pineapple classroom, meganhstudio

Fingerprint Beehive

Have students add their fingerprints and sign their name to make honey bees buzzing around the beehive.

honey bee classroom gift ideas, teacher thank you fingerprint gift

Fingerprint Cactus

Have students add their fingerprints and sign their name to fill in the cactus outline

cactus theme teacher appreciation gift ideas, meganhstudio

Now for the free stuff!

Did you know I have free printables available for you in the VAULT? And did you also know that those free printables feature my hand drawn artwork? Yup! I’ve got high standards around here 🙂 Check out all the teacher appreciation fun you can download and print below.

Thank you seed packet templates

Assemble and fill these seed packets with wildflower seeds and have your kids hand them out to their favorite teachers and school staff! There are a total of 8 different designs to choose from, btw 😉

Teacher and School Staff Appreciation Letter Templates

Have your kids use these thank you letter templates to write down all their favorite things about their teachers and other school staff. That makes a perfect gift!

These gift tags totally RULE

Already have a gift picked out for your teacher? Add these fun ruler-themed gift tags to the wrapping!

Free printables and instant downloads can come in handy if you’re operating with a tight timeline or budget, but they still make gifts that are thoughtful and awesome!

Check out all the free Printables for school day fun here, fire up that old printer and get ready to celebrate your favorite teachers!

There’s tons more free printable fun in the VAULT!

And look for more fingerprint and signature posters for all your special events

I have fingerprint posters, signature posters and more available for sale on Etsy and Amazon Handmade.

What’s a fingerprint poster?? I’m glad you asked! They’re a perfect way to commemorate guests at an event and also make great thank you gifts for teachers and coaches 😉 People add their fingerprint and sign their name on the artwork as a clever way to complete an element. Fingerprint trees are the most common–fingerprints are the added as leaves on the branches. Don’t want to mess with fingerprints? I have signatures posters too 😉

Fingerprint Posters for all your party plans

Get it in the format you need:

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It’s Time Lapse Time: Sweet as can BEE

Today’s time lapse is one of my first attempts at a digital drawing project (holy cross-hatching, man!) You’ll find this finished beehive available as a fingerprint poster to celebrate all kinds of events: baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and even as a teacher appreciation gift. It’s all the BUZZ 😉

I used the Procreate app on my iPad Pro with my trusty Apple Pencil to create draw this.

These are all linked to the customizable hard copy options, but I have instant downloads that you can print yourself if you’re in a hurry!

Catch up on past posts and time lapses

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Teacher and School Staff Appreciation Gifts

Teachers and school staff have such a huge task in teaching our children (especially in the COVID era), and they definitely deserve a BIG thank you for all they do!

Try a Fingerprint Poster!

At MeganHStudio, you’ll find a variety of different fingerprint trees and other designs that work great as a thank you gift. Have students add their fingerprints and sign their name, then frame it and add it to the classroom décor as a keepsake from a very memorable year!

All the BUZZ – I have a time lapse for this one too!

Different Formats to fit your timeline AND your budget

These are all available as instant downloads you can print your self, and hard copies that I customize, print on heavyweight cardstock and ship.

Look for my samples which are free to download to make sure your fingerprint poster turns out great 🙂

As always, everything in my shop is an art print of my hand drawn originals. I draw digitally and the old fashioned way with colored pencils 🙂 I’ve been posting time lapses of my digital work if you’re interested!

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The Perfect Teacher Appreciation Gift

Have students add their fingerprint and sign their name as leaves on the tree. Then frame it for a keepsake and give it as gift for your favorite teachers and school staff!

Did you know I have fun FREE printables waiting for you?

I’ve got fun templates, seasonal items, snack tags, fun lunch notes and so much more!

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For personal use only.

VIRTUAL Fingerprint Tree Thank You Gifts

Is school closed for your kids? Chances are, their teachers are still busting their buns to put together Zoom meetings, distance learning packets, and seriously missing their classroom full of students right now. And it’s probably breaking their hearts that they may have had the last in-person day of school for the year, and not even known it at the time.

This time of the year, fingerprint tree thank you gifts are usually my biggest seller. But without kids in class to add fingerprints to a picture (and because fingerprints = germs), it sure makes it hard to create a thoughtful end-of-the-year gift from the whole class. I’m still committed to being a part of thanking teachers! I’ve put together a VIRTUAL option for the teacher appreciation-themed fingerprint trees I have.

How it Works:

  1. Pick the style you like best (fingerprint tree, dandelions, or hot air balloon)
  2. Pick the size you want (8×10, 11×14, or 12×16 inches)
  3. Enter how you want the text personalized
  4. Included a list of students’ names


  1. I’ll add illustrated “fingerprints” and the students’ names digitally
  2. Print it on heavyweight cardstock
  3. Ship it out to you or your teacher’s school!

No actual fingerprints (or germs), no shuttling around town to every student’s house, no fretting over that one kid who puts a fingerprint in a goofy spot; I take care of all the tricky stuff for you, and your kids’ teachers still get a memorable keepsake of the year we were all stuck at home!

Get yours here!

And if you’re lucky enough to have schools open for the end of the year, you can find the original versions and instant download versions on my Etsy site!

BTW, it works great for teacher’s aides and other classroom helpers too!

At the moment, I’m only offering this virtual option on my Teacher Appreciation designs, but if you’re having a virtual baby shower or a drive-by birthday party and would like one, just let me know!

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