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If you’re planning a birthday party or baby shower, I’ve got you covered with fun free printable favor ideas!

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BONUS: most of these can be incorporated into candy-free options 😉

Party Favor Bags

These templates can easily be cut and assembled to create fun party favor bags. Plus, most of them have coordinating mini coloring pages to coordinate! Add one of those and some fun pencils or crayons and you’re all set! These make great classroom party favors too 😉

Mini Coloring Pages

These were designed specifically to fit inside the favor bags above!

Mini Coloring Pages for Favor Bags

Seed Packet Favors and Gifts

Add wildflower seeds of your choice to these seed packet templates. They make great favors at weddings, birthdays, baby showers and even make great thank you gifts for teachers and school staff!

Hair Tie Cards

Add some fold over elastics to these hair tie cards for a fun party favor option for girls (or anyone with hair to hold back!) And don’t worry, there’s even an elastic cutting guide and recommendations for where to get fold over elastics so you’re sure to get it right 😉

Other Fun Party Favors and Seasonal Party Printables

That’s right, there’s more! Check out these fun ideas for party favors too:

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What’s a fingerprint poster??

I’m glad you asked! A fingerprint poster is a way to commemorate all the guests at an event like a baby shower or birthday party. Guests add their fingerprint and sign their name as a clever way to complete the picture. Common fingerprint posters are trees where guests’ fingerprints are leaves on the branches. But I have lots of fun designs where fingerprints can be balloons, flower petals, spots on a giraffe, or fill in a pineapple. The same concept applies for signature posters where guests sign an element of the picture. When it’s completed, you can frame it as a keepsake and add it to the room décor!

Here’s a few that I have available on Etsy and Amazon Handmade, and yes, there are lots of options for birthdays and baby showers!

And since it’s from MeganHStudio, you know everything is originally hand drawn by yours truly 😉

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